The Web Design For Idiots Project

Web Design for Idiots is revived and here! Many years ago, when blogging was still very new and I was just getting into the world of the web I bought this domain and created this blog. The goal of it was to track and share what I learned and write tutorials on the new things I learned. It was kind of a combination of a high school course notebook and a journal of rants and raves.

In it’s revival, we decided to do the same, but this time it will be our awesome web assistant Kat at the helm in growing and building this blog and advanced users popping in here and there to drop some awesomeness on you. You can actually watch this site grow and change as Kat’s web design and development experience goes from none to master! Web Design for Idiots will be an on going, live project where she will edit and customize the site and write a tutorial for each little change she’s made.

So for now, we start with the WordPress standard theme, but in no time (or if you are reading this in the future – now) this will be an amazing resource site with clips and snippets galore!

Want to write for Web Design for Idiots? Contact us today.

3 thoughts on “The Web Design For Idiots Project

  1. bscdevel

    I dont think I would expand this to JQuery plugins as well. I’d like to keep the reviews just WP based and the main blog beginner web designer focused

  2. […] Wanna know why this web designer’s blog looks a little basic and untouched? Check out what this blog is all about and the Web Design For Idiots project […]

  3. Or what if you designed a few of your own emojis to add to the next set of releases?

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