Self made millionaire.. Oops I mean web developer.. who started out learning how to build websites with tables and dreamweaver, I now almost entirely focus on CMS-based development, usually WordPress. I love coding and designing and regularly switch between my left and right brains.

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Learning to Wire Frame

In my last blog post, I outlined my “6 Phases of Web Design and Development”. I would like to extend ‘the Plan’ step by going more into wire framing. If you missed the post, wire framing is a process to create a site’s architecture, functionality, and content before creating a final, submittable mock-up. There are…

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6 Phases of Web Design and Development

Building a website can be a chaotic and daunting process and it helps to have steps to follow, especially for beginners like me! Having good guidelines will help minimize mistakes and forgetfulness. Your process may slightly vary from mine but the main steps will most likely remain the same. So here it goes, the 6…

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