Self made millionaire.. Oops I mean web developer.. who started out learning how to build websites with tables and dreamweaver, I now almost entirely focus on CMS-based development, usually WordPress. I love coding and designing and regularly switch between my left and right brains.

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Override the Template Hierarchy

The WordPress template hierarchy is an amazing miracle of programming that seems to hold all of the answers in terms of making a WordPress theme. It is very rare when I encounter an issue where I don’t want to let the Template Hierarchy do what it is meant to do, but I have encountered such…

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Version control – finally realized

I’ve been doing web development professionally for over 6 years now, but only three of those years were with a team of other developers/designers. Because I was so used to developing solo, working by myself on one project at a time, my flow didn’t matter so long as it worked for me. When I started…

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My ‘ah ha’ Moment with CSS

I haven’t had any formal training or education on CSS. I’ve just been going through Code Academy courses and minor tinkering with various websites. Before I get to my ‘ah ha’ moment, let’s begin this post with some basic information about HTML and CSS that I’ve learned from Code Academy. Tags They are HTML elements…

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New to Web Developing? Me too!

There is a ton to learn and I hope I can get a hang of everything. This is a website that I have been working through to learn about the basics of web development (the backend of websites). Code Academy is a website that teaches anyone (like me!) who wants to learn about HTML, CSS,…

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