Self made millionaire.. Oops I mean web developer.. who started out learning how to build websites with tables and dreamweaver, I now almost entirely focus on CMS-based development, usually WordPress. I love coding and designing and regularly switch between my left and right brains.

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My favorite slider script

Animated sliders are some of the most populate elements in website design. Some people might argue that they have gone by the wayside or are played out these days but I would argue that they are here to stay. Content and image sliders can be one of the most space efficient ways to get a…

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Getting down with Git

Git is one of the most confusing things a newbie developer will encounter. Its overwhelming and the information you find out there in the world wide web either dumbs it down too much that you don’t get any valuable information or it uses complicated terminology that your newbie mind doesn’t know yet. On the surface, Git…

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A fun little CSS animation

A code snippet I made that uses only CSS to create a flip-down animation effect. It’s quite amazing what can be done with only code and no graphics programs at all. Feel free to use it in a project. I would love to see the final project, post a link in the comments!  …

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Yoda logic

Not that confusing, it is.  Back end web programming is all about logic. You create a bunch of conditions in which you want your code to run and then you run it. For instance, you would say “If this post has the category ‘featured’ checked off, display it. If not, do not display it.”. That…

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Custom Post Types (Part 1)

Welcome to a series of tutorials on how register, customize, and use WordPress custom post types! One of the things that beginning WordPress developers seem to always forget about is that sometimes a website requires more than just posts and pages to input data. When you are deciding on how your back end UI should…

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Custom Post Types (Part 2)

So this is Part 2 of the series on building a testimonials section on your website using Custom Post Types. If you haven’t already read through Part 1 please do. It will give you a good amount of information you need to be able to take this tutorial and apply it to any custom post…

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