Self made millionaire.. Oops I mean web developer.. who started out learning how to build websites with tables and dreamweaver, I now almost entirely focus on CMS-based development, usually WordPress. I love coding and designing and regularly switch between my left and right brains.

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Untangling the web hosting knot

So you’ve decided that you are going to finally jump in full force and build your own website. Congrats! Maybe you’ve done a little tweaking of a theme, or you remember the days of customizing your myspace profile, or maybe you don’t know a damn thing about website hosting, but you’ve made a decision…

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To get your 40% off of any plan click this link  and use promo code SSL40OFF  I was just notified of a really great deal from one of our current advertisers, WPEngine. They are right now offering 40% off any of their plans PLUS 2 free months. As a newbie, deciding on the best hosting company…

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Ternary Operators – php shorthand ?:

Ternary operators are probably the most confusing code to look at but at the same time probably the most underused style of coding for new developers. Ternary operators doesn’t give any additional functionality to PHP programming aside from simplifying and minimizing the number of characters you have you type in order to achieve the desired…

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