New to Web Developing? Me too!

There is a ton to learn and I hope I can get a hang of everything. This is a website that I have been working through to learn about the basics of web development (the backend of websites). Code Academy is a website that teaches anyone (like me!) who wants to learn about HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript and more!


  • It is very easy to follow the courses. They are all “hands-on” meaning that there’s a little paragraph on what they are teaching and the student (me or you) and then the student uses the information to code themselves. You get to see the results of your code and it also gives feedback if it is wrong. (very, very helpful)
  • There are different “tracks” you can take and you dont have to take them in any sequence. The tracks are the topics (JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Python, Ruby, jQuery) and within each track there’s the learning sessions.
  • Along with basic feedback, there is a Q&A Forum that is for users/students to post questions on their broken code. I’ve used this a couple times during my lessons. Many times, I, along with other newbies get the code wrong for the same reasons (missing ; or ending tags </ >). Its nice knowing I’m not the only person out there forgetting little (&IMPORTANT) characters.


  • When you type an opening tag, the Code Academy program automatically creates a matching end tag. This is not a huge con but in the real world of coding this does not happen. When I’m learning I would like the tools/example problems to be as close to real life as possible. How will I remember to put in an end tag if its always made for me? The same thing also happens with quotation marks ” “.
  • There are a few little glitches and confusing aspects like completing a course on a track. Sometimes it doesn’t save your progress and makes you redo a lesson. Somewhat annoying, but again, the lessons are free so we can’t be that picky right?


So check the website out if you are looking for an easy, straight forward, and interactive way to learn basics of web coding.



About The_Idiot

Self made millionaire.. Oops I mean web developer.. who started out learning how to build websites with tables and dreamweaver, I now almost entirely focus on CMS-based development, usually WordPress. I love coding and designing and regularly switch between my left and right brains.

2 thoughts on “New to Web Developing? Me too!

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